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  1. Domain Registration & Management 

    1. How do I manage my DNS for the domain I registered through LaunchRock?
  2. LaunchRock Basics 

    1. What is LaunchRock?
    2. How much does LaunchRock cost?
    3. What is a Hosted Landing Page?
    4. What is an Embedded Widget?
    5. How are a Landing Page & Embedded Widget different?
  3. DNS & CNAME 

    1. CNAME: General instructions for creating your CNAME record.
    2. A Record: General instructions for editing your A Record
    3. WWW: General instructions for redirecting the cname 'www' to your LaunchRock page.
    4. CNAME Record Instructions
    5. A Record Instructions
  4. The Admin Panel 

    1. How do I navigate my Admin Panel?
    2. How do I change my account email and password settings?
    3. How do I create a new project (multiple landing pages)?
    4. How do I create a new Embedded Widget?
    5. How do I create a new Landing Page?
  5. The Builder 

    1. How do I create and launch a new project?
    2. Using the Builder to edit and launch your project
    3. Using the Progress Bar / Launch Button
    4. Using the Landing Page editor
    5. Using the Sharing Page editor
  6. Insights 

    1. What information am I able to collect from Signups?
    2. How do I export my Signup emails & information?
    3. How do I view my Signup List, Site Stats and Emails?
  7. Known Issues & Troubleshooting 

    1. Why isn't my LaunchRock Landing Page live? (404 Error)
    2. Error: Floatbox does not support quirks mode.
    3. Facebook is not sharing the correct image, picture, or message
    4. I did not receive a confirmation email from my LaunchRock page.
    5. Error Message when I try to Migrate my account
  8. Cobain Canned Responses 

    1. Domain Mismatch CloudSponge Error
  9. All articles 

    1. Editing your CNAME Record for Account Migration
    2. CNAME: General instructions for creating your CNAME record.
    3. A Record Instructions
    4. CNAME Record Instructions
    5. Rackspace: A Record Instructions
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